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The binding service of Legatoria Umbra addresses at printing companies, responding quickly to every type of need, both for big and small print volumes.
The attention to the customer distinguishes our works and thanks to cutting-edge machinery and innovative technologies we are able to carry out numerous processes, even for the most particular needs.


Books and volumes binding


Stitched or milled paperback volumes

Our machines can produce both milled and thread-sewn volumes, with or without straps. From catalogs to school books, we create volumes in different formats and types, adapting to the customer's needs. The paperback stitched with uncovered spine and visible thread is original.

Stitched booklets and calendars

The Staple is a binding standard. Brochures, notebooks, calendars are just some examples of the products we can realize. We can also make oversized Dutch calendars with staple stitching.

Singer stitch booklets

The staple is replaced by the singer thread applied by the sewing machine, for a unique personalization of the product, thanks also to the colored thread.


Folding of brochures in standard and special formats.

Dry laminating

We realize dry lamination on sheets up to 100x105 format. The lamination, which can be opaque, glossy or with a particular soft touch or anti-scratch effect, is created to protect covers, displays or boxes and improve their aesthetic characteristics. New water glue for ecological films.

Screen printing

New: screen printing machine for the finishing of the sheet. From packaging to high-quality volume, we screen-print spot UV, functional relief paint, 3d brail, laminate, glitter and many other effects.

Catalogs and calendars with metal spiral

With the metal spiral we can create wall and table calendars, or catalogs, planning or notebooks.

Wrapping and posting magazines

We cellophane books and files individually or in packs with shrink film, guaranteeing product protection to the final sale. We also deal with wrapping and posting of editorial products created for postage.

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