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About us

Legatoria Umbra was founded in August 1989 with the desire to create a graphic design service capable of responding to the needs of local companies working in typography and lithography.

Professionalism at the service of graphic companies


Partner of the best graphic companies

The company, since its beginnings, has established itself and standed for bookbinding, and is still actively present on the market, thanks to the remarkable professionalism and what it is able to offer to its customers.

Today Legatoria Umbra is always oriented towards a process of continuous improvement and counts among its customers the best Italian companies, rigorously made in Italy.


Reliability and fairness

The company in its ever-growing development, has managed the increasingly demand, becoming a point of reference for companies not only in Umbria, but in the entire national territory.
The company mission is to pursue a costant growth that allows it to expand its market share, increasing employment and promoting those technological process and product innovations that are considered indispensable.


Quality and punctuality

Our machines represent the best in our market, our attention to the customer has involved us in constant investments for the purchase and updating of machines and programs, used in the production of volumes, calendars, brochures, magazines, caskets, catalogs and many more.

Legatoria Umbra
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